Kids Motivating Other Kids to Blog!

Kids Motivating Other Kids to Blog! « About a Teacher.

As we get ready to start our blogging journey, we decided to host a special event in our classroom. We invited my last year group to share their blogging adventure with us. What would be more motivating for my students than to learn about blogging and commenting from other kids?

It was amazing to see how engaged in the conversation every kid was. It was powerful to see how everyone wanted to participate either to ask questions or to answer them. There were no shy kids, no quiet kids. Everyone had something to say or ask. Blogging is meaningful not just for my former students but also for my group, which is surprising since they haven’t even started to blog!
Since, I can’t share the video, I carefully picked some of the things they said, which show how much blogging means to them and how important it is for our kids to learn things which they are really passionate about.

The blog was awesome. I wrote stories and Marcos, my uncle who lives in Spain, read them and left comments for me! MiliR said proudly.

People READ our blog. Greta read our blog too, but we got comments from all over the world,” said Alex – “Don’t forget, the map!, interrupted Tody.

Oh yes! We had a map and we marked all the places we got comments from. It was full of colorful marks“, said Marti

I loved to write on the blog. I got comments from all over the world. We are famous now“, exclaimed Vickucha.

Then one of my students raised his hand and asked, “What did the blog mean to you?

The blog was the best, I blogged all the time, when I was happy, sick, bored… all the time!“, said Vickucha.

The blog was amazing. We learned and had a lot of fun“, expressed MiliR.

Just then, another boy inquired: “Where did you get your ideas to write?

I wrote stories. I wrote adventure stories“, shared Marti. “Yes, she also drew a map on her story“, added Vickucha, looking proudly at her friend.

I blogged about everything I like: my friends, my pet, my thoughts. I even blogged when I was sick and couldn’t come to school“, mentioned Vickucha.

I blogged about my passion: rugby,” voiced Pipita.

I wrote a song and then sang it in our Singing Fridays!”, Ber said joyfully.

I sometimes didn’t know what to write, but I read my friends’ posts and left them comments”, said Lalo.

I wrote about our country and things that were important to me,” expressed Alex.

I was totally speechless… I just let them lead and do the talking. I savored each and every minute. It has been one of my most inspiring moments as a teacher. Kids teaching kids. Kids encouraging kids to blog. It absolutely blew my mind.

What the kids said speaks for itself. These are my former students’ voices. Seeing them laugh and share proudly their work was priceless. Seeing my students’ beam as they heard the older kids advice and experience was incredible. Needless to say, my students can’t wait to start blogging and to be honest, neither can I.